Andiamo with Amy

You can seriously find gelato everywhere you go in Italy, and the beautiful displays in each Gelateria captures even the grumpiest of traveler’s hearts, but there is one particular Gelateria that I would return to Venice just for their gelato!  It’s Gelato Di Natura- Campo Santi Apostoli.  Since we visited Venice on both ends of our trip, we went twice. My bonus daughter said eating this gelato sitting by the canal next to her sister was her favorite moment of the whole trip, and this was on our first day in Italy! It’s a moment she will never forget.   She got a lemon gelato and I picked Marosticana Fabbri which is Sicilian pistacchio rippled with Fabbri black cherries and it was the most delicious flavor I’ve ever had in a gelato/ice cream.  Seriously…

On our last night in Italy, we got our gelato,

headed down an alley and found a pier to sit on on the Grand Canal. Dangling our feet in the water, watching the sun set, eating our gelato was the perfect way to end our time in Bella Italia.

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