Andiamo with Amy

To drive or not to drive…that is the question.  Well, I say DRIVE!  It’s really not as scary as you might think.  Honestly, with GPS available it’s a cinch to drive in a foreign country.  You are on your own timeline; you get to decide where you want to go and don’t have to schlep your luggage from train to train. Just mind the speed limit and restricted zones, get your international driver’s permit,  and off you go.

But the best part about renting a car while on your vacay is stumbling upon sights and places you never would have experienced otherwise.

For example, the hubs and I were driving around Tuscany from one little town to another and came upon a keg rolling team.  It’s just one of those little surprising moments you find while exploring.

Or you might discover fields of happy sunflowers in the middle of nowhere.

Or you could stumble upon a medieval festival in a small town in Tuscany. This was probably one of my favorite moments from our last trip to Italy.  So unexpected! So fantastic!


Or when you make a stop in Parma because…well, why not…and find a vending machine of cheese!  I mean, come on! Cheese! Not to mention an entire shop devoted to French fries!  These are my people!

Or simply just for views like these….

So, I say rent the car, get out there and see what you can find!  Andiamo!


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